Flower Power 2.0: painting together on WebCanvas.com

Flower Power 2.0: painting together on WebCanvas.com

Today I received an email by Antonio Roldao Lopes, he is one of the creators of WebCanvas, a world-wide collaborative painting project, started in London. Can projects get even more charming than this one? It’s Flower Power 2.0! On a Dutch blog, I’ve once drawn a comparison between hippies and bloggers, inspired by what LSD promoter and professor Timothy Leary once said:

Internet is the LSD of the 1990s

Just like the hippies, we’ve created a place where everybody has the freedom to publish his or her thoughts. We have the power to criticize multinationals, a place where we can discusses whether our world leaders do the right thing and people with the same passion from all over the world now have a place to meet. Not to mention the geographical resemblance. And now can we work on an art piece together.

2 South  11 West - WebCanvas - The Infinite Canvas Painting Project


Anyone can move around an ‘infinite’ canvas. Using available painting tools is it’s also possible to draw and upload images. Furthermore it is possible to view other users painting if they happen to be painting within the same viewing area.

Check out some highlights on the WebCanvas blog, like the skeleton on the right.

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