VIDDIX: possible video revolution on its way

VIDDIX: possible video revolution on its way

Video service VIDDIX – launched in beta today – found a great way to enrich your online video experience. They allow you to add web content to video, since it consists of two panels. The video is playing at the left, while different web content – such as slides, pictures, YouTube videos, HTML and Flash embeds – shows up in the so-called iPanel at the right. So imagine you interviewed Boris about the Next Web conference, it would look something like this:


The guys from VIDDIX came up with their idea during their study Digital Communications. They graduated on VIDDIX and founded the company Invisios to bring their baby to the market. I hardly see any reasons why their project isn’t gonna be a huge hit. I mean, where YouTube and Slideshare end, VIDDIX is just about to get started. On top of that, the service will probably be really viral, since a lot of bloggers might be tempted to use VIDDIX for screencasts and presentations.

Although they might have to improve their embed function. Since the current one doesn’t bring over VIDDIX’s main advantage, namely the web content. I guess it has something to do with the thing in right bottom corner, yet I can’t figure out. Other from that, I foresee a bright future for VIDDIX.

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