How Deep Is Your Love?

How Deep Is Your Love?

Today is Valentines day and it shows. Do you have a Twitter account? Twitter the universal internet symbol for a heart at someone you like and they will receive a custom Valentines heart “@username <3” at someone and they will see a nice red heart (see illustration) with a button to say you love that person too. If you do you will get a message saying “TessaS loves you! And you love TessaS in return. Aww!”.

Want to see how it works but don’t have any friends? Feel free to follow me. I will love you long time.

Google Love DoodleAlso check out today to see what Chief Google Doodler Dennis Hwang came up with today.

And if you have a Google Docs account make sure you login to it today. You will feel like to accidently flipped open some 12 years old girls diary.

Google Docs - All items

Flickr Loves YouLoveNo pink stuff at Flickr today. Flickr, after all, ALWAYS loves you. Recently they added “Loves You” in small grey type to their logo. They did post a nice collection of photos that will make your heart melt.

Microsoft screwed up Valentines day for some people by failing to get them their special Valentine Zune on time. But they sorta make it up by refunding all the money and delivering the Zunes later, for free.

Youtube Love logoAha, found another one; Youtube has changed their logo slightly and their front page is featuring mainly love & valentine videos.

As we find more appropriately Valentined websites we will update this post.

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