The Next Web Open Office Road Trip

The Next Web Open Office Road Trip

In February we’re going to several cities in Europe to meet entrepreneurs, speakers and sponsors for The Next Web Conference. Roadtrip Berlin

It is kind of a road trip, but with a twist. We’re not only there for having chats and coffee, we will work there too. Last years Open Office trip to San Francisco was so much fun and we met a lot of interesting people while getting a lot of work done at offices of Plaxo, Yahoo Brickhouse, Mashery and MySQL, that we decided to do another trip, this time Geneva, Brussels, Paris and London are on our schedule.

For our trip we are looking for startups (or established companies) who have office space for us (a table, 3/4 chairs and a wifi connection is all we need) for one day. This is a nice way to meet new people and work at the same time. We will blog about the our tour on The Next Web conference page and we’ll post stories here as well (for sure).

The Agenda:
– Geneva, February 6,7 and 8 (We’re attending LIFT Conference. Get a 10% discount to this conference -use [email protected] as a discount code).

– Brussels, February 13

– Paris, February 14 and 15 (we’re attending OpenCoffee on the 15th)

– London, February 20 and 21st (we’re attending OpenCoffee on the 21st)

We have a tight budget, so we’ll be traveling cattle class and stay in cheap hotels (recommendations are welcome) or with friends. After my 16 euro a night hostel disaster in Munich last week, I’ve decided to upgrade to a real hotel during this trip.

For all cities we’re looking for a place to work and we will also set up a small party to grab a beer with and suggestions for venues are welcome.

So if you have suggestions and like to meet up with Boris, Ernst-Jan, Arjen, Babette and/or Patrick please get in touch or leave a comment.

I’ve checked out some potential startup offices in the different cities were we’d love to hang around work. Mobiya, DVDpost, Netvibes, Dailymotion, Wixi, Goojet, intruders AtlasVenture, Criteo, Piczo, Tunz, Wikio, Scoopeo,, OpenAds,, Joost, Moo Dopplr, and/or

If you know more cool companies in these cities, please leave a comment too.

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