Twitter Balloon Badge visualizes Tweets

Twitter Balloon Badge visualizes Tweets

A wonderful Twitter update badge you can customize to your heart’s delight and place on your blog, Facebook, MySpace… the slight drawback is that the site is almost entirely in Japanese, but don’t worry, I’ve found the English interface so you can make your own Twitter Balloon.

The important element that I love is the ability to go back and forward in time to follow the history of one’s twitterings, or tweets, so one can follow a conversation or thread of insights and ideas. These may admittedly be somewhat disjointed, but more interesting that simply having the ‘latest’ information presented. I can see an nice extension of this with a tweet balloon gallery, or even a mashup where those referenced by one user’s conversation can be linked to dynamically, or to follow how a topic or issue is being discussed.

Here’s one I created for my friend Boris:

Do your own thing at Korelab’s English Twitter Balloon Creation Page.

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