It’s Not You, It’s .Me!

It’s Not You, It’s .Me!

As of today you can register a whole bunch of new, obscene and funny domain names. Montenegro has launched a Registry Service together with Afilias and GoDaddy to sell .ME domains. Soon you will be able to register any domain name ending in .ME at

Besides the obvious ‘‘, ‘‘ and ‘‘ domains there must be millions of variations you can come up with. We can imagine a whole range of new Web2.0 services launching soon that take advantage of this name. Just as inspired,, and

LinkedIn will soon be rebranded ‘‘ and Google might go for ‘‘. Or not. But do think about your own brand name and consider registering it before someone else does. Unfortunately the register page was still under construction when we tried to register ‘

Know a really funny .ME name? Let us know in the comments here.

PS: recognize the title? Think you invented it? You are not alone:


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