The blogosphere about the next web: week 2

The blogosphere about the next web: week 2

Every week we select what we consider to be the most interesting posts about the next web (or Web 2.0, whatever you like) in the blogosphere. This weeks round up:

FavoriteHow I Redesigned My Blog on Problogger, January 8th
Guest post on Darren Rowse’s blog by Benjamin Yoskovitz. He describes in seven steps how to create a blog that leaves a smashing first impression.

Favorite Bombshell: Google and Facebook Join on ReadWriteWeb, January 8th
Last week we interviewed Chris Saad, founder of, about his project. A few days later, Google and Facebook joined his initiative. Talking about spectacular developments… Yet what does the participation of these two giants actually means?

Favorite100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes on Smashing Magazine, January 8th
Blogs are an important factor in the next web. Smashing Magazine is making this medium more accessible for users by selecting 100 free and really good-looking themes. Be warned though, it will take a while for the page to load.

FavoriteFrench Press Falls For Major Facebook Prank on TechCrunch, January 9th
A young 28 year-old French man by the name of Arash Derambarsh decided to run for the Facebook presidency. He managed to get 9k+ votes and became a star in France. The press loved him, until they found he was the biggest prank in Facebook history.

FavoriteSign Of The Times: Web 2.0 Outsourcing Humor on TechCrunch, January 9th
More and more start-ups outsource their work: Outsourcing 2.0. Sandeep Sood asked an American student who is currently studying Mandarin in China to draw some cartoons about this trend.

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