FaceBook launches “profile clean-up” tool

FaceBook launches “profile clean-up” tool
FaceBook launches “profile clean-up” tool
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Facebook is launching a new Profile clean-up tool that will make it easier to manage and clean-up your Facebook profile. Facebook mentions that ‘users are complaining that their own profiles are cluttered, and they have installed so many applications that it has become overwhelming to un-clutter it’.

That sounds kind of familiar as most of us don’t take time to check any of the requests we get on all those social networks and just once a week click the ‘Accept’ button on everything and everyone who wants our attention. It is easier to ‘Just say yes’ to these things than to actually figure out what they want. This does mean that our profiles are becoming less and less attractive to look at and therefor less useful. It seems that Facebook has come to the realization that less can be more.

The tool won’t actually delete stuff from your profile but “Similar to how your computer’s desktop will remind you to get rid of unused icons, this tool will give users the option to move extra profile boxes to an “extended portion” of their profile”. So the clutter will still be there, just hidden behind a “Show my clutter” link.

Lets just hope they also add a ‘Agree to all’ and ‘Delete all “friends” I don’t actually know’ button too.

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