Walk around in a visual representation of the web

Walk around in a visual representation of the web

According to the makers of Yoowalk, ‘surfing alone is so sad’. They’ve just pitched their project during the Start-up competition of Le Web 3. In exactly seven minutes they had to impress the jury with a talk about their target audience, revenue plan, market etcetera.

Yoowalk converts the World Wide Web into 3D flash-based villages (I’m sure McLuhan likes the idea). It’s a combination of the WWW, virtual worlds and social networks.


Users can walk through streets and visit houses and rooms. For example, there’s a YouTube house with a room showing the most viewed videos of last week as paintings on the wall. Also, RSS feeds of news sites are shown in frames. (I wish they made up a more creative visual metaphor for that.)

You can in addition create your own room, representing your blog or site. Make it as comfortable as you want, and don’t forget to pick your favorite music.

Main advantage is the possibility to create a 3D avatar and surf with others. I assume that it can be quite interesting to see your visitors walking around ‘in’ your blog. If you’re really impressed by the number of people walking around in your room, you can make a screenshot and embed it in your blog. A really smart move by the creators of Yoowalk, since it will probably generate a fairly good buzz.

During the presentation, Yoowalk seemed pretty simple to use, making it relevant for a large group of people. Unfortunately, there aren’t much screen shots available yet. However, I did subscribe for the private beta, which will launch early 2008. So more about this cool start-up soon.

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