Social Network Party: 30.000 beers please!

Social Network Party: 30.000 beers please!

HyvesSure, discussions about the Web 2.0 bubble are here to stay. Sometimes however, a social network proves the critics wrong. For example, the Dutch equivalent of Facebook, Hyves, is welcoming its fifth million user today. Four million users are Dutch, which is a huge number considering the fact that the Netherlands have 16 million citizens.

The Hyves OfficeTo celebrate the occasion, Hyves is throwing a party in Amsterdam. The location offers space for 800 ‘Hyvers’ to party with the crew.

And this is where the really amazing fact comes in: over 30.000 members subscribed for a place on the guest list! Some active network that is. If so many members want to party with each other in ‘real life’, Hyves must have some value.

Next Web bloggers Patrick and Boris will attend the party and promised me to bring back some pictures to show you how we party in Amsterdam. [here they are!]

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