Yesterday at the Media Evolution conference in Malmö, Sweden, I learned about a fledgling Stockholm-based consumer electronics company that produces and sells a sweet minimalist wristwatch with a swipeable touchscreen.

Baptized the Mutewatch, the watch comes with a rubbery wristband and a seamlessly integrated LED display that tells you the time with a simple tap of the finger or by flicking your wrist.

The waterproof watch only has 3 basic functions: a clock, an alarm that has no sound but wakes or alerts you through long or short vibration pulses, and a timer.

The watch is well-designed and quite light (it weighs about 40 grams). You can see it in action in the video below.

The battery is built-in but can be recharged thanks to an integrated USB connector. It lasts about 4 days depending on your usage.

The Mutewatch is priced 199 euros/pounds or $259, and ships to 45 countries.

At the conference, I had a chat with the lovely and impressive Mai-Li Hammargren, who co-founded Mutewatch after getting the initial idea while studying at Stockholm’s School of Economics. Now a team of 7, it took them a couple of years to get to mass production mode, but the company has already sold approximately 10,000 of the first-generation Mutewatches.

In fact, I bought one from her for myself yesterday.