Tears, Tantrums & Tech: We’re following 3 startups on an accelerator adventure [Video]

Tears, Tantrums & Tech: We’re following 3 startups on an accelerator adventure [Video]

Startup accelerators aren’t easy – teams are forced to focus hard on turning their businesses from ideas or prototypes with potential into seriously investable propositions in just a few short weeks. There’s often little chance to sleep or socialize, and business models – and even whole products – can be turned on their heads as killer startups are sculpted.

The first London-based run of the Springboard accelerator kicked off this week at Google’s new Campus building. Every week, we’re going to be following three of the Springboard teams – Kicktable, Teddle and Birdback – as they throw themselves into an intense, three-month programme.

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How will the teams cope with the pressure? How will their businesses change? What is it really like to work so intensively in such a competitive environment? Over the next twelve weeks, we’ll find out.

The Tears, Tantrums & Tech video series is produced by HAUS Pictures. You can contact them here. Many thanks to Springboard and Google for allowing us this regular glimpse into what life inside an accelerator is like. This week’s episode introduces the teams. Next week, we’ll begin following their progress as they work towards the big Investor Day in July.

Update: Watch the full series so far.

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