I can’t count the amount of chargers that I’ve left behind in other countries, random hotels and even coffee shops. Really, I can’t, it’s a disease really.

Brian Tedesco, the creator of the Perch, couldn’t agree more. They were at CES this year showing off their invention, a device that sits between your charger and the wall and chirps at you when you unplug a device, but don’t take the charger with you.

It sounds like a very simple idea, and it is. But it’s executed well and with obvious thought, exactly how I like my gadgets.

We got a rundown of just how the Perch works at CES (sorry for the banding, the South Hall hates video):

Tedesco told The Next Web that he was more interested in selling directly, building a customer base and refining the product than he was getting an enormous order from a big chain like Best Buy that could dictate how the product evolved.

The Perch will eventually come in a variety of flavors, including multiple outlet and outlet+USB versions. The current Perch runs $9.99 and is available at the company’s site.