Hojoki is a new service from a German team which launched today at LeWeb. This Web app pulls in content from a range of services and displays them in a single, unified newsfeed, similar to FriendFeed. However, the emphasis here is cloud-based enterprise apps.

Supporting services like Dropbox, Google Docs and Calendar, Github, Highrise and more, supported services can be accessed directly from a newsfeed which can be shared between a number of team members. The feed updates whenever someone in the team updates a file, creates a new one, or any other action. Individual files mentioned in the feed can be accessed directly with a click.

Twitter is also integrated, and while you probably wouldn’t want to use it to follow lots of accounts, you can set it to monitor specific hashtags – this could be useful for events or projects.

It’s a neat idea that certainly appears well executed. As we rely more on the cloud to get work done across multiple services, having a central point of reference for them all is definitely useful.

Hojoki is in open beta from today. It’s free to use, although paid-for features may be added in the future. I spoke to CEO Martin Boringer, who gave us a quick demo.