iPhone now measures your heart rate with Instant Heart Rate [Video]

iPhone now measures your heart rate with Instant Heart Rate [Video]

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but might it also make us healthier? Startups in Silicon Valley seem to be in two camps: The preventative apps that measure your caloric intake or apps that help you exercise like the soon to launch Heatbeat or Gym Fu; Then there’s the health care focused ones like iHealth that measures your blood pressure and Instant Heart Rate that measures your heart rate using the iPhone’s camera. There’s even a new seed accelerator for health startups called Rock Health.

Azumio the company behind Instant Heart Beat, which was co-founded by Peter Kuhar and Bojan Bostjancic, is just about to announce a large round of series A funding from one of the valley’s top VC firms. I sat down with Kuhar and Keith Siilats who recently joined the team, for a demo of how the app works using the camera to measure blood levels and to discuss why their algorithms will keep them ahead of the competition.

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