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Part of last summer’s YCombinator’s batch, Crowdbooster is a Twitter analytics tool that measures how well you are performing on Twitter and gives you insights to make your Tweeting habits more effective.

In an increasingly crowded market of Twitter analytics tools, what makes Crowdbooster special is that as well as giving you analytics, it also gives you suggestions on how to improve the effectiveness of your Tweets, such as when is the best time for you to Tweet from each account.

I sat down with co-founder Ricky Yean to talk about Crowdbooster’s latest developments including a preview of their new ‘reports’ feature. Coming soon and currently in private beta it will enable  you to schedule full analytic reports about various Twitter accounts enabling you to see clearly and efficiently which Tweets are preforming best.

When signing up, make sure you mention you heard about Crowdbooster from @TheNextWeb and they’ll let you in ASAP.