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The Internet and technology industry is growing all over the world and it’s not only Silicon Valley that needs space to house all the innovation taking place. Dotted around SF and Palo Alto there’s incubators, co-working spaces and innovation lofts. I visited one of the valley’s most prolific co-working spaces The Parisoma Innovation Loft, aptly named because it is located south of Market in the heart of San Fran’s startup district. Founded by digital innovation agency Faber Novel, It is home to many tech related events including hosting three Ted X events and offers membership for co-workers who have access to not only a desk but tools and advice to help them grow their startup.

I caught up with chief co-working coordinator  Julian Nachtigal who told me about how PariSoma started and their plans to launch innovation loft’s in New York, London, Sao Paulo, Moscow and Beijing.