Flying to the US is becoming more inconvenient as TSA bans uncharged devices from flights

Flying to the US is becoming more inconvenient as TSA bans uncharged devices from flights
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If you forgot to charge your phone before leaving for a US-bound flight, you may just find your device confiscated by security from now onwards.

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced enhanced security measures at “certain” overseas airports for flights into the US. Travelers will be asked to turn on their devices including mobile phones, and those without power will be banned from the flight.

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It isn’t clear why mobile devices that can’t be turned on are being targeted, though the AP reports that US intelligence officials have found cause to be wary about efforts to create a bomb that could go undetected through airport security. All we know is that this latest move introduces yet another layer of inconvenience in the whole pre-flight process, which is already painful enough as it is.

Update: As an example of how airlines are handling these new rules, British Airways has announced new regulations for customers flying to US cities from the UK, with customers being urged to arrive early for key aspects of their journey. This includes the check-in and various security processes.

As well as this, customers are recommended to keep up-to-date via the official British Airways website, and they may be subjected to additional searches and questions. And they’ll be expected to present any devices during the process, to ensure regulations are met.

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