If you’ve been vacillating about whether or not to pick up a Google Chromecast streaming dongle, some of the UK’s largest retailers just made that decision a little bit easier (or harder, if you were trying to resist the temptation) by significantly cutting the price.

Although it’s been available in the US for more than a year already, the Chromecast only graced the UK’s shores in March this year and has since been priced solidly at £30.

Now, however, retailers have slashed prices by 40 percent; Currys is currently offering it for £20 in-store, while TescoAmazon and Currys have it for sale priced at £18 on their respective websites.


So, if you had been considering picking one up eventually, now might be the time to take the plunge – there’s no suggestion that this is a permanent price cut and Chromecasts are still listed as costing £30 from Google Play.

And if you do decide to buy one, don’t forget to come back and check out our list of the best apps to offer Chromecast compatibility.

Featured Image Credit – Getty Images