It’s always been a little bit odd that if you want a French domain you get .fr and if you want a German domain, you get a .de Web address, but if you wanted a UK domain, you were stuck with – an altogether more unwieldy answer.

Well, from today that’s no longer the case – you can opt for simply .uk and save your visitors three button presses. To celebrate the occasion, Nominet, the UK’s domain registrar, rolled out a 10,000 square foot welcome sign to passengers arriving on flights bound for Heathrow, London.


Adding some celebrity pizazz to proceedings, renowned tech aficionado and national treasure Stephen Fry has already made the switch from .com to .uk in time for today’s launch.

More than 10 million domain holders in the UK will now be offered the option of the new shorter equivalent of their existing address and will have five years to decide if they want to use .uk instead – or alongside – the existing address.

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