Adpoints, the UK-focused Web platform that encourages you to watch video advertisements in exchange for Nectar points, has launched a version of its site designed for smartphone and tablet browsers, thereby allowing users to keep earning points while out and about.

Having grown to more than 400,000 members through its desktop website since launching in 2012, the company decided it was high-time to tap into the potential of the mobile market. For users, watching the videos earns an average of around 4 Nectar points, a spokesperson told TNW.


For the advertisers providing the content for the Adpoints platform, it gives access to guaranteed engaged eyeballs, helped along by a feature designed specifically for the mobile site that pop-ups a little button part way through playback playing to check if you are still watching.

“We live in an age where people can choose to watch or avoid ads as they wish, and as such, the reality for advertisers is that there’s no guarantee that their ads have been seen or how it was received by consumers. What’s needed is a transparent and honest deal between the advertiser and consumer,” Adpoints CEO Martin Pugh said.

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