HealthBerry, a new platform for providing health care professionals with feedback posted on social channels, has announced that 18 NHS hospitals and three GPs have already signed up for the service in the UK.

Essentially, the HealthBerry system aggregates feedback left across channels like Facebook and Twitter, as well as more specific ones like Patient Opinion and Care Connect, among others. By getting better feedback, the organizations are better armed with information on which to base potential service changes, or so the theory goes.

While it might not be the most glamorous area of tech, new goals within the NHS to improve digital accessibility and to better facilitate the collection of feedback make a system such as HealthBerry well-timed. Indeed, with the UK government’s mantra being ‘Digital by Default’, drawing together disparate feedback platforms to provide one central location for healthcare organizations makes a lot of sense.



The HealthBerry service is accessible from a mobile phone, tablet or desktop and is free while in beta. How much it will cost after this is yet to be revealed.


Featured Image Credit – Shutterstock