At least one former employee at HMV has managed to briefly hijack the company’s official Twitter account and live tweet his or her thoughts about the struggling entertainment retailer, after being fired along with at least 60 other members of staff.

Most of those tweets have since been deleted by the company, but you can see what was originally posted on the @hmvtweets account below, thanks to a screenshot taken by @JonathanHaynes:

hmv tweets

These tweets show the employee (or group of employees, it’s difficult to say) comparing the layoffs to a “mass execution” and an episode of the popular X-Factor talent competition. It is not known which staff are being referred to in the layoffs, but it’s rumored that they are based in the company’s head office.

The anonymous tweeter continued with the following stream of updates, which were captured by @DarryIGU but subsequently removed by HMV:


HMV went into administration earlier this month, following Blockbuster and Jessops just after the New Year.

Image Credit: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images