It seems that the British public love a bit of gossip. As Twitter hit the headlines for its role in revealing which celebrities were behind the court super-injunctions, the UK public rushed onto the microblogging platform to see what they could find out.

And in the process, UK Twitter records were smashed on Monday, as one in every 200 UK web visits was to, a 14% rise on the day before, according to Experian Hitwise.

This was the busiest ever day for Twitter in the UK, and it just goes to show what a bit of celebrity gossip can do to enhance a social network’s status. Many people have struggled to ‘get’ what Twitter is all about, given that it’s not exactly Facebook and nobody posts photos from ‘last night’s party’ on it.

London has always been a top performing location for Twitter, in fact it’s the number one city in the whole world in terms of number of users. But it is events such as this which will help convert the wider UK public over to Twitter, and help them realise the power it has as a news-sharing platform.