Picture-2This afternoon Vodafone UK sent an extremely vulgar tweet to its followers that has left the company embarrassed and left with a lot of apologising to do.

The tweet has now been deleted but can be seen in the screenshot below.

It’s been confirmed that the account was not hacked but rather a (possibly disgruntled) employee that thought it would be funny or spiteful to do get on Twitter and spit out offensive language that would ensure Vodafone was left to do the apologising.

Picture 76

Vodafone is keeping schtum as to exactly what happend but have apologised repetitively and have just issued a statement saying:

“A severe breach of rules by staff in our building, dealing with that internally. Please keep your faith in us”

This isn’t the first time Vodafone has appeared in the news over a Twitter incident. Last year a Hungarian employee was fired after making a somewhat inappropriate joke on its main Twitter account. It triggered an uproar on Twitter who felt the employee had been treated unfairly.