Twitter launched a basic Web version of its 6-second video app Vine back in January, and now it is filling in the gaps after (finally) adding more features to the site.

In addition to the home feed and profile view that featured on the initial version of Vine, users will now find a search bar and a set of discovery features from the mobile apps: including curated content — playlists and featured videos and features users — channels, trending tags and popular now.


Interestingly, the site is now accessible for visitors that are not logged in to the service, which will open it up to all for the first time. Visitors who choose to log in to Vine will get access to their feed, and the ability to follower users, as well as like, ReVine and comment on videos.

The update is a real solid addition to Vine, which makes it a YouTube-like content portal and a place to find interesting videos, rather than just the Web version of a mobile app. Like Instagram, Vine began as a mobile-only service, and it will be interesting to see how the team continues to develop the Web version with a greater focus on consuming content.


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