Twitter today announced it is rolling out real-time interactive notifications on the Web. When someone engages with your account, you will now be notified if you’re using The feature is rolling out “over the coming weeks.”

More specifically, you will receive notifications if someone has replied, favorited, or retweeted one of your tweets. Furthermore, Twitter will also let you know when you receive a direct message or a new follower. Here’s an example of the former in action:


These notifications are “fully interactive” according to Twitter, meaning you can reply, favorite, retweet, and follow right from the popup. That’s a big deal for the company, as it naturally wants to increase engagement as much as possible.

If this all sounds like spam to you, don’t worry. On its Settings page, Twitter now also gives you options for choosing which notifications you want to see.


Again, the “Web notifications” section will only be visible if your account has received this feature. These notifications are separate from the ones you may receive via email or the mobile apps.

Twitter has been testing these notifications for a while now, with some users seeing them as far back as January. The company often experiments with a wide-array of new features, and it’s often difficult to say which ones will end up seeing the light of day. Given that the company is rolling out five different notification types on the Web (as opposed to slowly pushing out each one individually), this is a feature it is clearly confident about.

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Top Image Credit: Andrew Burton / Getty Images