Twitter CEO Dick Costolo recently stopped by NFL host Rich Eisen’s podcast to talk sports and Twitter. When asked about the one thing his company can do better that it doesn’t do now, Costolo said visually displaying events in real-time:

When there are events in the world, the event and the conversation surrounding it unfold on Twitter, the entirety of the experience of that event can be much more rich and engaging and deep on Twitter…The challenge when you try to put these event experiences on Twitter in front of people is they need to both capture all the best tweets, you really want the best tweets so you don’t miss those, and yet if you only show the best tweets, you lose the roar of the crowd that really makes Twitter awesome.

Costolo also highlighted two seminal moments for the service: when the Pope began tweeting, and his own personal experience of watching Twitter to see what happened to Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley during the Boston Marathon.

Rich Eisen Podcast: Twitter CEO Dick Costolo

Thumbnail credit: Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty Images