Twitter has been largely unaffected by the NSA’s efforts to siphon data from some of the Internet’s most influential companies, likely because most tweets sent by users are public, but nevertheless the soon-to-list company is working to encrypt its (private) Direct Messages (DM) feature and introduce other new forms of security — according to sources cited by the New York Times.

The plans are mentioned in an article focused on how tech firms are beefing up their defences in response to the NSA’s efforts to covertly tap into their data, which has been revealed via a string of leaked documents:

Twitter is developing a variety of new security measures, including encrypting private direct messages, according to a person briefed on the measures.

Twitter is separately rumored to be planning to revamp the DM service — with a standalone messaging app mooted — but regardless of whether it does, it makes sense to tightly secure the one part of its business that is private to users.

We reached out to Twitter but the company declined to comment.

➤ Angry Over U.S. Surveillance, Tech Giants Bolster Defenses [New York Times]

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