With Germany’s general election fast approaching on September 22, it seems Twitter is recognizing its role in the process by encouraging German users to engage with their representatives and providing them with more information about the candidates.

The role of Twitter (and social media in general) during the Arab Spring series of protests and political uprisings is well known, but we’ve rarely, if ever, seen it used to promote the democratic process in European nations.

Nonetheless, it seems that Twitter is now encouraging the German population to engage with and quiz their democratic representatives using the micro-blogging service, according to an email some users have been receiving. A translation of the message said:

“On 22 September Germany selects a new parliament. For political parties, politicians and voters direct communication plays a significant role in the campaign on Twitter. Twitter will take place again a dialogue of equals. Voters directly and publicly address their political deputy, bring wishes to express, discuss issues and monitor election promises. Get involved in the discussion for the parliamentary election in 2013 on Twitter – tweet with the hashtag # btw13! Here you can find an overview of the accounts of the six parliamentary parties.”

 Featured Image Credit – AFP/Getty Images