Social analytics service Topsy has announced that it now offers the full archive of tweets on Twitter, meaning that anyone can search through the entire library of messages ever sent on the microblogging service.

You could, for example, look up your own first tweets — probably for the sheer delight of embarrassing yourself — by heading to, searching for ‘from:yourusername,’ hitting search and then sorting by oldest first.

You can, of course, do that with Twitter’s archives, but Topsy lets you do it for any account.

Here’s @TheNextWeb’s first tweet from back in December 2007:

Looking up first tweets is a somewhat trivial, if fun, activity to pass time, and Topsy’s access to the motherload could yield far greater insight for, say, brands or marketers who are looking to track sentiment or opinion around a topic or product across a sustained period of time.

Topsy’s free service only offers a somewhat limited view of Twitter — as we found out when it was used to compared Instagram and Vine video volumes — now gives exact statistics on Twitter (via, but this new found archival support provides even greater potential to unlock more intelligence from Twitter when paired with a Pro account.

➤ Every tweet ever published, now at your fingertips [Topsy]

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