Learning at Twitter just took a giant leap forward.

After spending the last few months working with open source training company Marakana on developing an internal training and education program, Twitter has decided to acquire the company outright and launch Twitter University.

Chris Fry, Twitter’s Senior Vice President of Engineering made the announcement:

As Twitter has scaled, so too has our engineering organization. To help our engineers grow, it’s important for them to have access to world-class technical training, along with opportunities to teach the skills they’ve mastered. To that end, we’re establishing Twitter University.

Whilst predominantly for its own staff, in time Twitter University will open up to the masses and allow for anyone who would like to learn from the content to do so.

If you’re keen to stay tuned, follow @TwU on Twitter. Of course if you’re eager to get learning now though, you should be checking out our own TNW Academy!

Twitter University: Building a world-class engineering organization