According to Twitter, more than one sports record was shattered yesterday during the Denver Broncos stunning overtime victory against the Steelers.

The 80-yard pass from Tim Tebow broke the NFL record for shortest overtime in the history of the extra period, and Twitter exploded after the pass was run all the way into the end-zone.

The previous tweets per second record holder when it comes to sports? The women’s World Cup final saw 7,196 tweets per second.

The all-time tweets per second record-holder is “Castle in the Sky”, which saw an astonishing 25,088 tweets per second (TPS) during its airing last month. That record shattered Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement which saw almost 9,000 TPS. The Tebow touchdown would have broken that record.

The site remained fail-whale free during the post-game ruckus, and Tim Tebow himself has become quite a figure on the site with almost 900k followers.