We’re not a gossip blog but this was just too funny not to share.

This morning, a Dutch politician accidentally tweeted (instead of DM’d) a tweet that may very well get you a little flustered. The tweet, posted below, translates into…wait for it…

…sitting comfortably?

…no one looking?

…ok here you go:

“As you throbbingly climax for the first time I feel your juices in my mouth as if they were the nectar of love”

If you’re human, that would have given you a rather abnormal reaction for this time of day.

Frank van der Vorst’s reaction can only be commended, he isn’t married after all:

“Well, at least I’ve gained 20 new followers.  a lot of people apparentl have needs they don’t dare to share”

Approval rating with women this month: up!