Lifelogging has been the pursuit of geeks who don’t mind strapping huge homemade HUDs to their heads and computers to their backs since the 1980s, but it looks like it may finally be about to go mainstream thanks to technology like the Memoto camera.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept, lifelogging is the idea of continuously capturing data about your life (often photos or video but it could be movement, location or many other things) to create a complete, or substantial, record of your life.

Don’t think lifelogging is for you? If you already use something like Google Latitude or Fitbit you already are a lifelogger. Those products  capture data about your life day in, day out.

It’s easy to imagine apps in the future turning Google Glass into a lifelogging device. In the meantime, the Memoto camera is due to go on sale this year. It’s a wearable lifelogging device, taking a photograph of what’s in front of you every 30 seconds while you wear it. I’m excited to try it out but it’s not quite ready for release yet. In the meantime, to drum up extra interest, the Swedish startup behind it has created Lifeloggers, a movie about the lifelogging movement.

Grab a drink, sit back and watch the documentary. These people may seem like obsessive geeks to some but really they’re pioneers.