Foursquare now includes the business’s Twitter handle when you tweet your check-in from that location

Foursquare now includes the business’s Twitter handle when you tweet your check-in from that location ...

Foursquare on Friday announced businesses can now add their Twitter account to their profile, pulling the two services even closer together. As a result, when customers check-in to a business with a Twitter account attached, if they choose to tweet about it, their message will feature the company’s Twitter handle.

If you manage a single location on Foursquare and have already connected your Twitter account, you don’t have to do anything as this change has already been applied for you. If you manage multiple locations, still need to connect your Twitter account, or want to turn this feature off, you can do so on the tools page.

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Foursquare gives an example of how this improvement looks like on Twitter. Instead of a customer saying she’s “at Butter Lane,” her tweet will say she’s “at @butterlane” as you can see below:


Frankly, we find this a bit redundant. The @ sign means “at” so the full tweet should say “All roads lead to cupcakes. I’ll take 1 of each flavor, plz and thank ya. @butterlane”

Either way, while this is a minor change, it’s a notable one given the fierce competition between social networks. In a day when Facebook, Google+, and Twitter just can’t seem to get along, it’s great to see Foursquare looking to play nice. Late last year, Foursquare started showing Facebook recommendations.

Foursquare says it is “about connecting people to businesses” and this change is to help “business owners engage with their loyal customers, whether those customers are in the store or out exploring.” The truth is that Twitter is massive, and Foursquare knows that leveraging the social network is a smart move.

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Image credit: Raphael Pinto

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