Welcome to our weekly look at the newest social media tools making waves around the web.

This week’s edition includes your own video content aggregator service, an alias mobile number creator and a serious QR Code service provider.

Ready to ride? OK, hop on…

1. Create video channel feeds based on your favourite websites with Frequency.com – What a great idea! Frequency pulls video content from your favourite websites and sources (and recommendations from your friends) to give you the best in video content as suited to you. Keep your eye on this one!

2. A private social network for your local neighborhood? Visit Nextdoor.com – The recommendation economy gets local with the release of Nextdoor.com – a private social netwok that facilitates relationships with people who live and work near you. Need a babysitter? Then this might help you find one.

3. Create an alias mobile number with MyAKA.com – Have you ever wanted to have a second mobile number that you gave out to people before you got to know them really well? MyAKA gives you an alias number that is linked to your real number to give you an added layer of security.

6gz9m8 default Testing ScanLife 150x150 This week’s most useful social media tools4. Bring your social network friendships together with Symbyoz.com – This aggregates your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to give you an overall picture of the status of your relationships with each individual. It will also help you set reminders to make plans with certain friends.

5. Create QR Codes packed with powerful analytics thanks to ScanLife – If you are after a way to create QR Codes in an easy manner then this might be the solution for you It can also help you create Datamatrix and EZCodes. Worth a try…

paratus This week’s most useful social media tools