Facebook-MySpace Announcement Thursday?

Facebook-MySpace Announcement Thursday?

Updates at the bottom of the post

SAI just posted that Facebook and MySpace are holding a special announcement Thursday at noon PST:

F**k it, we'll do it live!

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SAI is stumped as what this could be about, but 
 we can certainly speculate too.

  • MySpace and Facebook working on a new bands-music channel?
  • Myspace throwing in the towel to Facebook (unlikely as News Corp would have had to say something about that)
  • More sharing between MySpace and Facebook?
  • ???

We’ll update this post as more info comes in 
 but speculate and discuss in the comments!

Update: From All Things D and Inside Facebook it looks like the announcement will be MySpace using Facebook Connect to power logins. Man, thinking about MyFaceMusic was much more interesting

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