Zynga CEO Mark Pincus just took the stage at the Web 2 Summit in San Francisco and threw out some pretty big numbers about his exploding company.

Zynga is of course the company behind the huge Facebook-centric games Mafia Wars, Farmville and FrontierVille. According to Pincus, Zynga has:

  • 320 million users all-time
  • 3 million peak concurrent users per day
  • 1300 employees, 400 of which are working on new games for next year

The last time we saw Pincus speak earlier this fall, he mentioned that 33 million people had played Zynga games – just the previous day. Assuming that Facebook is still well under 640 million users, it’s pretty clear that more than half of Facebook users have played a Zynga game.

Pincus also discussed how at any one time an average of 4 family or friends of just about everyone on Facebook is playing a Zynga game, which is a pretty amazing statistic too. In the future, Zynga plans to use this to entice others (most likely through push notifications) that their good friends or family are currently playing.