During Facebook’s announcement of the new Groups feature and ability to download your information off of Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg threw out a couple of choice side comments. The one that really stuck in our minds, however, was this one: “Facebook is, I think, the most used events application on the web.

Take that Evite, Eventbrite and everyone else. Except… is it true?

We’ve actually been wondering this for some time. Is Facebook winning the events war? Obviously, Zuckerberg thinks so, and with those 500 million users, it makes sense on a number of levels. With around 300 Facebook friends plus the 40 or so Pages I’m following, I’m almost continually being in invited to some event or another on Facebook.

But that said, what is the scale of those events and how is Zuckerberg making his judgment? Is it the raw number of events or the number of people that are invited/attend? Also, Facebook certainly isn’t the most used paid events application for sure as you can’t charge for events on Facebook (Eventbrite just announced that it’s raised $20M with $200M in ticket sales, so Facebook, if anything, seems to just be helping them – i.e. start a Facebook event page that redirects to an Eventbrite page).

All that said, Zuckerberg probably has some pretty compelling stats locked away at his desk at Facebook HQ that show that he’s probably right about events – but until we see those stats, I’d take this one with a grain of salt – popular yes, most used? Prove it.