Twitter has announced that their infrastructure operations are moving into a new custom-built data center in Salt Lake City “later this year”.

Saying that with 300,000 new users a day signing up to Twitter, “Having dedicated data centers will give us more capacity to accommodate this growth in users and activity…” Twitter also says that it will have “full control over network and systems configuration,” for Twitter’s, “unique power and cooling needs.” The fail whale obviously needs to be pampered.

Probably most significantly, Twitter says that “ving our own data center will give us the flexibility to more quickly make adjustments as our infrastructure needs change” and “is built for high availability and redundancy in our network and systems infrastructure. This first Twitter managed data center is being designed with a multi-homed network solution for greater reliability and capacity.” So stronger strings and birds for carrying the fail whale.

The announcement also says that Twitter will bring more data centers online within 24 months. Maybe by then, Twitter can carry the Fail Whale away forever.