False rumours that Twitter is shutting down for 3 days. Blame Bieber.

False rumours that Twitter is shutting down for 3 days. Blame Bieber.

There’s a strange rumour propogating throughout Twitter timelines today suggesting that Twitter will be shutting down its social networking service for a full three days and with no concrete reason as to why.

We took to Twitter Search to see if we could identify the source of the rumour and it appears it could have been started by a group of Twitter users who just so happen to be fans of Justin Bieber:

New York, are you ready?

We’re building Momentum: an all killer, no filler event this November.

At the time of writing the above tweet has been retweeted over 100 times, leading to many adolescent Twitter users complaining to Twitter about the “planned” three day outage.

Twitter has stayed quiet on the subject, the service is only just recovering from a serious of issues which caused the platform to crash late last night:

With all of the problems users were experiencing last night and this morning, an opportunist has found the right time to whip gullible Twitter users up into a frenzy, it’s almost like a mass-forwarded email in the nineties.

To all those Twitter users who are fretting about not having their favourite microblogging tool available for three days, relax.

Personally, I blame Bieber.

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