We’ve been watching this episode since yesterday.  Some Twitter users were noticing that anything with RT in it wasn’t being seen in certain search functions.  The community as a whole went into an uproar.

It seems that Twitter heard that message loud and clear.  We contacted Twitter, and were just given this response via email:

“We’ve been experimenting with ways to identify duplicate content, and recently implemented an approach that identifies retweets as duplicates. This only applied for logged-in searches on www.twitter.com, not to searches on search.twitter.com, search APIs, or the logged-out homepage.  However, this change has not had a positive impact on the user experience so we plan to revert it. Eliminating explicitly duplicative content from search results in a more intelligent way is something we plan to work on more in the long-term.”

It’s always great to see when a company listens to the user base, and even greater when they take an extended hand.  The RT function is important to many of us, and Twitter sees that fact.