This is what happens when someone tries to shoot you underwater

This is what happens when someone tries to shoot you underwater

If someone ever decides to pull a gun on you while underwater, you can rest assured you’ll probably survive.

Norwegian physicist Andrew Wahl decided to test whether water could stop a bullet from reaching his submerged torso.

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Known for putting scientific principles to the test in extreme and dangerous demonstrations on the television show “Life on the Line,” in this experiment Wahl sets out to prove how difficult it is to create movement in water.

Setting up a gun facing him from a short distance, the physicist records himself with a slow-motion camera as he fires a bullet in his direction.

Being over 800 percent more dense than air, the water significantly slows down the bullet as soon as it leaves the barrel of the gun. The camera captures the trajectory of the bullet as it quickly loses momentum and finally sinks at the bottom of the pool.

Watch the experiment here:

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