Check out SpaceX’s snazzy video on the Falcon9 landing

Check out SpaceX’s snazzy video on the Falcon9 landing

In December, SpaceX finally reached a successful landing of its Falcon9 rocket for the first time in 20 attempts. Ahead of the next mission — another attempt to land on water — the space exploration company is reveling a little in its success with a flashy 3-minute video showing the historic moment taking place.

The video walks through the launch and landing of the rocket, and the palpable excitement of SpaceX employees and onlookers at the launch.

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Oh, hey Elon.


The takeoff, like most of SpaceX’s attempts, went smoothly.


Space will never not be awesome. Look at the rocket in the Florida night sky!


The rocket’s launch from its point of view.


Boosters, go!


Then it’s time for the hard part: landing.


Meanwhile, this girl can’t.


And they nailed it!


The crowd goes wild!


Let’s see it up close.


Aw yiss.

Congrats, SpaceX.

➀ “The Falcon has landed” | Recap of Falcon 9 launch and landing [YouTube]

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