Hate the new MacBook? This old Spanish man agrees with you

Hate the new MacBook? This old Spanish man agrees with you

If you’ve been scratching your head or even banging it on the desk over the lack of ports on the new MacBook, here’s the video for you:

Obviously, the old Spanish man isn’t actually talking about Apple’s new products. The guy being interviewed is Juan Joya, a Spanish actor and comedian known as El Risitas, which means “little laughs” or “giggles”. You can guess why.

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The story he’s telling is about trying to use the sea to wash some pots and returning the next day to find them all swept away.

Here’s the original:

The clip’s become the Spanish equivalent of the “Hitler reacts” scene from ‘Downfall’, remixed to mock everyone from Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to the producer of Destiny and now Apple.

➀ Armando Ferreira [YouTube]

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