Look to Pokémon for inspiring logo ideas

Look to Pokémon for inspiring logo ideas

Have you been working on a startup, but are having trouble coming up with a name and/or logo? Perhaps you should look at Pokémon for inspiration.

That’s what Pictogram – a design firm based in San Francisco – did when it created brand identities for a variety of PokĂ©mon.

For instance:


Often called the impulse that powered a generation of Electronic Dance Music artists, Pikachu makes unparalled beat computers and synthesizers. Some say it has sparked a revolution in music!



Fresh threads from sustainable sources is what the hip clothing label Cubone is all about. Originally started as a bespoke clothing shop in Brooklyn, Cubone is now a well known global brand for edgy harp artisanal clothes.

Aside from the nifty logos, who’d have thought so many PokĂ©mon names would sound like actual startups? Check out the rest of the designs and descriptions over at Pictogram.

➀ Pictogram [via Fast Company]

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