Flappy Bird may have gone the way of the dodo, for now at least, but that hasn’t stopped the brand from being kept alive in all kinds of convoluted and quirky ways. The latest one? Well, how about a game of Flappy Bird on a mobile point-of-sale (MPOS) terminal?

Chippy Pin is the handiwork of data security company MWR Labs, and is designed to demonstrate how an attacker could negotiate their way into a MPOS device.

Demoed at the Syscan security conference earlier this week, the serious side showed that it can be infiltrated so the device is switched into insecure mode, and capture PIN codes. But it was interesting to note they could also build a pretty basic version of the now-defunct addictive game known as Flappy Bird.

What would you do if you encountered this game when trying to pay for a cup of coffee? Call your bank? Or hang around and try and beat your personal best?

➤ H/T Mikko Hypponen