Businesses on Instagram have to contend with the same platform that typical users access currently, but what if Instagram developed a Web application to let business owners manage their brand presence on the photo-sharing network?

A graphic designer from Prague, Tomas Jasovsky, created a cool concept case study that posits how a specialized Instagram Web app for businesses could look like — replete with tools for building your brand image and manage your social activity — similar to what Facebook has.


In his design concept, Jasovsky also came up with the idea for brands to curate their own lists where they can follow other brands to monitor their competition or just get inspiration from other profiles.


With ads landing on Instagram some time in the near future, it’s likely that Facebook will have to find an avenue for businesses to manage their presence on Instagram — though it may be folded into Facebook itself.

What do you think of this design concept? Would it be useful if Instagram really develops such a standalone Web app for businesses?

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Headline image via Thomas Coex/AFP/Getty Images, screenshots via Tomas Jasovsky’s Behance gallery