Back in 2006,  as a “reaction to the insanely over-retouched photos of celebrities that are everywhere,” Artist Danny Evans decided to put pictures of Paris Hilton onto random ‘everyday setting’ pictures to illustrate how photoshopped most celebrity photography is.

Every since, Evans has been photoshopping celebrities, combining images of people in normal everyday settings with the faces of famous singers and actors. In turn, he provides a glimpse into what these stars may look like without the flashing lights, stylists, make up artists, dietitians, fitness trainers, time, hard work and photoshopped magazine shoots.

You can follow Danny Evans on his Facebook page here. He adds a new piece of art work every few weeks.

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Tom Cruise


The Kardashians

Miley Cyrus

Jennifer Lopez

Jay-Z and Beyonce

Leonardo Di Caprio

Sarah Jessica Parker

David and Victoria Beckham

Johnny Depp

Jennifer Aniston

Britney Spears


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

The Olson Twins

Scarlett Johansson

Lady Gaga

Kate Middleton and Prince William


Jennifer Aniston

John Travolta

Mariah Carey

Nicki Minaj